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Solid Waste, Resource Recovery and Environmental Training

  • New Earth, Inc.  Conducted training for personnel from three compost facilities on stormwater management and compliance with TPDES permits.  Conducted training for personal from two composting facilities plus fire fighters from local fire departments on preventing and controlling fires at compost and mulch facilities.

  • Organics “by Gosh”. Conducted training for compost facility management and staff regarding compliance and documentation associated with the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan and Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan.  Will conduct training of fire prevention and control for employees and local fire fighters.

  • City of San Antonio, Texas.  Conducted training for mulch facility management and staff, and San Antonio Fire Department personnel associated with fire prevention and control at compost and mulch facilities.

  • Trans-Jordan Cities, Utah.  Conducted a professional workshop for compost facility managers and fire fighters from several jurisdictions, regarding fire prevention and control at compost and mulch facilities.

  • Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) – Silver Springs, Maryland.  Outstanding Faculty Member 2015.  Principal author for training materials for the Managing Compost Programs training program, lessons entitled Business and Financial Considerations, Operations and Troubleshooting, Regulatory Management, Organic Material Collection, and Facility Tour.  Collaborated to write the lesson entitled Additional Ways to Manage Organics.  Edited lessons entitled The Importance of Composting; Compost Uses, Markets, and Compost Quality; Composting Principles; Composting Methods; and Facility Site Development and Equipment.  Training materials included a PowerPoint presentation, Student Guide, and Instructors’ Supplement.  Co-developer of a 150-question certification examination.  Course instructor for this three-day course.  This course and certification is sponsored by SWANA.  Conducted “Training at Work” through SWANA in Texas and Utah.  Will conduct training at the request of US EPA for Pacific Islanders in June, taking place on Guam.

  • University of Texas at Arlington.  Preparation of training materials for and instruction of a half-day workshop for various regional compost operators and various regional municipal fire departments.  Topic of workshop was prevention and control of fires at compost and mulch sites.

  • Solid Waste Association of North America.  Training course review and audit, outlining in detail the needed revisions to the Managing Compost Programs Training Manual and classroom instructional materials.  Training materials development for the Managing Compost Program Training course, including classroom presentation materials, Student Guide, and Instructor Manual.  Classroom instruction for three-day training course in conjunction with Wastecon 2009.  Certification Exam development.

  • Southern Methodist University.  Prepared and presented a lecture for engineering students in the SMU Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering on Introduction to Composting.

  • Professional Workshops.  Conducted six professional workshops for public and private-sector participants, on implementation of the State Implementation Plan for Ozone in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and the Houston area.

Solid Waste, Resource Recovery and Environmental Training: CV
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