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Composting and Landfill Diversion

  • City of Weatherford, Texas. Analyzed five scenarios for management of biosolids and brush, including landfilling, land application and three composting scenarios.  Developed life-cycle cost analysis for each of five alternatives.  Prepared a report addressing each scenario and procurement options.

  • Q2Earth.  Assist with technical, regulatory and environmental review of composting facilities as  potential acquisition targets in North Carolina, Virginia, Florida and New Jersey.

  • FCC Environmental.  Prepared TCEQ application for authorization by Registration of a single-stream Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) designed to handle all single-stream, curbside recyclables in the City of Houston. 

  • New Earth Soils and Compost.  Registration and Notice of Intent authorizations by TCEQ for two mulch/composting facilities in Waller County.  Construction Plans and Specifications for both facilities.  Additional authorizations and approvals including TPDES/SWPPP, Co. Fire Marshal authorization, Katy/Brookshire Special Drainage District Permit, and Co. Development Permit.

  • Organics by Gosh.  Storm water permitting and related operator training for multiple sites, including SW3Ps for construction and multi-sector industrial discharges. Permitting through TCEQ Notice of Intent to Operate a Composting Facility for two greenfield facilities processing vegetative materials and food wastes.  TCEQ liaison.    Fire Prevention and Suppression Plan development and operator training. Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for a 300-acre tract for future composting facility.  Plans and specifications and bid administration  for a 176-acre composting facility.

  • Houston-Galveston Area Council of Governments.  Addressed food residual processing within the context of a study designed to facilitate food waste collection for landfill diversion in the H-GAC COG region.

  • Texas Organics Enterprises.  TCEQ authorization for Notification-tier composting facility to process oils, grease and dairy materials.  Addressed  potential conversion from static pile to turned windrow and aerated static pile composting.

  • City of Toledo, Ohio.  Addressed available and appropriate feedstock blends to develop expanded composting activities designed to recover resources from yard waste and expand to include food residuals with the possibility of additional feedstocks. Developed site capacities and throughput analysis for three different sites, two different feedstock blends, and two different technologies (12 options).  Developed odor mitigation and control plans for eight options.

  • City of Dallas, Texas.  Design and permitting of a composting facility on the McCommas Landfill for biosolids, yard waste, and other non-hazardous, organic waste streams generated within the limits of the City of Dallas. 

  • City of Denton, Texas.  Compost Site Operation Plan review and revisions, Landfill Permit Modification to secure refund of landfill fees to reimburse compost costs at the City of Denton composting facility.

  • JMJ Organics.  Review of facilities and operations, recommendations for regulatory compliance and fire prevention.  Preparation of Financial Assurance documents for closure and post-closure, submitted to TCEQ.  TCEQ authorizations and regulatory assistance for two additional sites.

  • Brazos Valley Solid Waste Management Agency.  Conceptual design and TCEQ permitting of a biosolids composting facility located on intermediate cover at the SH-30 Landfill.  This is the first such composting facility permitted concurrently with a landfill in Texas.  Preparation of regulatory documents required to secure refund of landfill fees to reimburse compost costs at the City of Bryan composting facility.

  • City of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Composting task manager for market analysis and marketing plan for both organic waste feedstocks and compost and mulch products.  Process design, facility and equipment specifications, and operations plan for biosolids composting with other available feedstock amendments.  Design quality control, and permitting assistance.  Under contract to optimize operations and facility to increase throughput after 15 years of operation.

  • City of Lufkin Composting Feasibility, Lufkin, Texas.  Project manager for a feasibility study of composting biosolids, yard waste, paper mill sludge, sawmill waste, grocery distribution waste, and chicken litter at a municipal operation.

  • South Utah Valley Solid Waste District, Springville, Utah.  Project manager and lead engineer for conceptual design, cost estimates, site comparisons, and development of Plan of Operations for Utah Department of Environmental Quality permit.  Facility layout, operational capacity determination, and quality control reviews for design and permitting for bio-solids composting facility. 

  • City of Abilene, Texas.  Operational review and recommendations to optimize feedstocks, control cost, and enhance product quality and marketability. 

  • City of Plano, Texas.  Design, construction documents, bid administration, and construction observation for a yard waste composting facility. The site included an access road, unloading area, processing pad, erosion control, and retention/sedimentation pond. Site assessment including soil and groundwater testing to document pre-development conditions, and ongoing groundwater monitoring recommendations.

  • City of Garland, Texas.  Technical and economic feasibility study and siting study for municipal wastewater sludge and yard waste composting, site layouts and pipeline alignments for several siting options, including a landfill. Analysis of landfill impacts by composting operation. 

  • City of Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Feasibility and conceptual design of yard waste/biosolids/bulk wood composting.

  • Green Valley Recycling and Composting, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Principal-in-Charge for permitting and engineering assistance for materials recovery facility and municipal solid waste composting associated with the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Composting and Landfill Diversion: CV
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